Delivering business support programmes that make companies more profitable by using technology well

At CDI Alliance Ltd, we organise and deliver business support programmes and training courses that encourage SMEs to grow. We do this by helping them use technology to become more efficient and therefore profitable.

Our team has extensive business experience and a wealth of technical knowledge that we’re keen to share. By partnering together in an alliance, we’re able to support businesses on a larger scale by winning local authority and programme provider tenders.

  • We work with…

    • Partners such as EMB Group and Winning Pitch
    • Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Business Growth Hubs
    • Businesses across Lancashire, Yorkshire, Humber and Lincolnshire
  • We develop and deliver…

    • Business Support Programmes that take companies on a journey of knowledge sharing that deliver positive and tangible outcomes
    • Coaching support for business leaders and their teams
    • Training that can be very general covering subjects such as sales, marketing, digital technology etc or very niche for example covering the integration of several technologies within a single business

Here's how we make a difference....

Read how we partnered with the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership and EMB Group to help businesses in the region grow

For businesses

Tailored coaching support

From logistics to funding and human resources, our associates share their experience to empower SMEs with new skills and knowledge.

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Overcoming barriers to growth

Running a young, successful business can be a lonely place. We’ve been there, we know and can help you take a step back and see the bigger picture.

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Join a programme today

In Lancashire, Yorkshire, Humber and Lincolnshire our programmes help businesses grow profitably. There’s a vast range of support out there.

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For programme providers

Output driven programmes

Our directors work closely with local authorities to plan events and activities designed to spark prosperity in their region

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Effective skills delivery

Our associates’ wealth of knowledge allows us to offer training tailored to the needs of your local businesses.

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We’re an alliance of business experts ready to share our experiences and skills…

Deborah Goodall
Deborah Goodall
Deborah has nearly 25 years experience of growing businesses through effective marketing. She specialises in marketing strategy through understanding target audiences and their triggers and motivations.
David Regler
David Regler
David brings 24+ years broad commercial and management experience across organisations including start-ups, scaleups and established SMEs.
Rachel Goddard
Rachel Goddard
Rachel is passionate about helping companies to unlock potential business opportunities and deliver their vision by taking a strategic, holistic approach to marketing, PR and communications.

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you for your help and support here, it’s been good to work with you and formulate a plan for moving the business forward.”

Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director, Savantini Limited - Hull

“We have been accessing the advice from Stuart for the last few month in support of our sales strategy and growth plan. We have found him to be knowledgeable, approachable, and helpful with suggestions to help our company grow and build sales.”

Just want to say I found last weeks “Managing Change Webinar” really interesting. It really was as if you guys were explaining everything that had gone wrong or been handled poorly by our previous management over the previous 10-15 years, each part could be related to an issue we’d had here. I always take the time to go through everything we do in the sessions with the guys on our shop floor as it helps “Getting everyone on the bus.”

“Sometimes its good to step back and assess the business from a different perspective. When Richard came in, even though our business is rather niche, he rapidly got the picture of us and the potential for our future growth. He made us feel very comfortable to be ‘ourselves’, creating a safe space and was absolutely not the stereotypical consultant. His advice, input and guidance was constructive and positive – so much so that we have significantly overachieved the targets we set and are well ahead of our plan! Thank you Richard.”

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