Innovate UK’s emerging and enabling technologies programme identifies and invests in new technologies and the underpinning capabilities that improve existing industries. Our aim is to inspire the products, processes and services of tomorrow: those with the potential to unlock billions of pounds of value to industry and disrupt existing markets.

We have 4 priority areas:

  • emerging technologies
  • digital
  • enabling capabilities, including electronics, sensors and photonics (ESPs), robotics and autonomous systems, and creative economy
  • space applications

This competition should help businesses broaden out innovation activities to find sources of revenue from new products, processes or services.

We are looking to fund projects that meet all of the following criteria. Proposals must:

  • show significant innovation in one of our priority areas (described further in the next section)
  • show outputs that could be applied in more than one industry, sector or market
  • improve business growth, productivity and/or create export opportunities for at least one UK SME involved in the project

Projects costing more than £500,000 and lasting 2 years or longer should demonstrate a current understanding of the challenge being addressed and the needs of customers or users. Otherwise, such activities should be included in the first 6 months of the project.

Where applicable, please consider the cybersecurity implications of your solution.

We are looking to fund a portfolio of projects. These may include technical feasibility, industrial research or experimental development.

Dates and deadlines

Competition opens Midday on Monday 6 March 2017
Briefing event for applicants Wednesday 8 March 2017 in London
Brokerage events Belfast: Monday 13 March 2017
Edinburgh: Tuesday 14 March 2017
Cardiff: Thursday 16 March 2017
Manchester: Thursday 23 March 2017
Registration deadline Midday on Wednesday 3 May 2017
Application deadline Midday on Wednesday 10 May 2017

Full details at Innovate UK