Hosting a virtual conference: how to recreate the real-life experience online

While Zoom & Teams calls do the job, there’s potential to create a much more immersive, interactive and igniting experience when hosting a conference online. In this blog, we share what we’ve learnt from organising the highly successful launch of Spark Grimsby, as part of the Grimsby Creates programme: the Cultural Development Fund programme that

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Why you need a business action plan to thrive after Covid-19

Why you need a business action plan to thrive after Covid-19 There’ll be no doubt that as the pandemic rolls on, you’ll need drastic change in your business to survive, revive and thrive. But how do you do this successfully while keeping your team and customers on board? In our recent sessions for the Humber

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CDI Alliance to support growing creative businesses in North East Lincolnshire

We are soon to begin local business development activities in the Grimsby area after being appointed by the Cultural Development Fund for North East Lincolnshire Council. Grimsby Creates will be a fantastic addition to our existing programmes in Yorkshire and Humber. We will be working with creative industries including architecture, IT, fashion, photography, theatre and

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Why small businesses need to increase their cybersecurity as they grow

Making sure you have your devices, data and systems protected from cyber-attacks should be a crucial part of your business’ resilience strategy. Why you need to think about cybersecurity 22% of Businesses and 32% of Charities have already had a cyber incident, which has cost them on average between £5k to £22k either to resolve

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How a business support programme can help boost employment in your region

With a steep unemployment and redundancy peak following Covid-19, we unpack how a business support programme can not only help individual businesses but create economic prosperity for the region. Creating jobs when businesses grow Business support programmes ultimately help SMEs in your region to grow, supporting them with everything from marketing to finances and HR

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Welcome to our new Associate Director, Deborah Goodall

We are delighted to announce that we have appointed our trusted associate, Deborah Goodall, as our new Associate Director here at CDI Alliance. Deborah has already worked with us for 3 years, delivering insightful masterclasses and empowering consultancy that has helped small businesses flourish. With her 25 years’ experience of growing businesses through effective marketing

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How to get on track with your business plan after Coronavirus

All small business have felt some effect of Covid-19. Be it furloughing staff, altering processes or closing completely during lockdown, none have been able to stand still. Now that restrictions have lifted though, how should you get on with growing your business? Do you need to adapt your business plan? Maybe you need to find

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How to stay standing as a struggling business during the pandemic

For hospitality, arts and fitness businesses, times are tough. As social distancing restrictions continue and cash flow remains minimal, what are the ways that you can keep going despite the difficult circumstances following COVID 19? Adapt rather than anticipate At the start of the lockdown, many took a “light at the end of the tunnel”

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