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Coaching Support

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Coaching Support

“Jack of all trades, master of none” is one way of describing business leaders.

In the early stages of business growth that description is a badge of honour as you frantically juggle to keep all the balls in the air. But as the business matures new skills and specialisms are important – for you and your teams.

Coaching, facilitation and mentoring are the powerful alternative to generic training courses. They tailor what is delivered exactly to the needs of the individual or group and deliver bite sized content at regular intervals. In this way those who benefit can be stretched but only to the extent that matches their individual or team capabilities. Their progress can be measured and they can grow with confidence into their new skillset.

Coaching, facilitation or mentoring

Specialist skills

Through coaching, facilitation or mentoring our CDI Alliance associates have a diverse range of specialist skills which they can share with you, individuals or small cohort groups within the business. And the subjects they cover are wide and varied.

Whether it’s  project management or prospecting, delegation or decision making, branding or budgeting, logistics or lean processes and much more besides, we can deliver. So next time you’re contemplating buying-in a skill you need, stop and ask yourself “is there someone internally who – with coaching – could rise to the challenge?” If the answer’s yes, call us.

Coaching Support

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