Spike Milligan once said

“Communication is what takes place when what I think you think you said is the same as what you think I think you think you said”

The secret of communicating well is knowing that how you say something is actually more important than what you say. So to create the greatest possible impact, you need to use the widest range of expressions available to you through your gestures, your tone of voice and your vocabulary. Research indicates that your voice, tone and appearance account for over 90% of the impression you make on others

But at a time when your team is isolated and working from home how does communication work?

Consultant Occupational Psychologist Dr. Mandy Walker believes the impression you make is made up of:

  • Visual 55% – posture, gestures the amount of eye contact and your general bearing
  • Vocal 38% – The tone of voice you use, the pitch and the pace all influence how people interpret what you are saying
  • Verbal 7% – The actual words you use form the least part of the overall impression you make

If communication whilst home working is limited to phone calls at least 55% of the message is not getting across – the visual element – which is why successful teams use video technology to communicate effectively when remote working.

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