How we make a difference

CDI Alliance Ltd are one of several specialist suppliers that deliver business support for the Lincolnshire Growth Hub – the Sustainable Business Growth Programme.

We work with EMB Ltd (East Midlands Busines) who have the contract to provide the 6 Growth Hub Advisers that provide general advice and support to businesses located with Greater Lincolnshire and Rutland.

The Growth Hub Advisors refer clients to us, to provide the specialist 1 to 1 advice and support in the following areas:

  • Digital technology – which covers a range of topics e.g. websites, e-commerce, CRM systems, Broadband.
  • Sales & Marketing – – which covers, sales processes, strategies, social media campaigns and PR.

CDI Alliance has a wide range of expertise from within its staff and associates to ensure that we provide the most relevant advice and support to resolve the client’s issues.

In addition to the specialist 1 to 1 support we also design and deliver an ongoing and diverse schedule of Digital Technology based, Interactive Masterclasses, Workshops and Webinars.

We deliver a Spring, Summer & Autumn schedule of presentations throughout the year which is normally over 25 sessions per schedule, with single session and multiples session topics. We use feedback to ensure that we are delivering the types of topics and the style of delivery that suits our delegates requirements