Amrit Choda

Amrit Choda is a Business Support Specialist, she is a passionate broker of innovative business support programmes and initiatives. She is an experienced person with a proven history of improving existing, implementing, and seeking out new business support opportunities, in a continuing challenging world!!

Amrit worked within Leeds City Council (LCC) Economic Development (1995-2020) over the last 25 years and with the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) 2015-2020, as one of the SME Business Growth Manager. From day one she enabled the Business Growth Service to grow from a loose idea to become a well-resourced and highly regarded proven programme, which continues to make a real difference to businesses in Leeds and across the city region. One of the key aims was to source new businesses and develop ongoing business relationships which resulted in business growth development.

At the end of August 2020, Amrit took a step and created, Am-Bay Ltd. This has enabled her to customise a new and exciting way of working and aims to continue the same ethos which is to support new and established business entrepreneurs.  This has encouraged working as Associate and deliver business support Consultancy. Amrit looks forward to working with CDI Alliance Ltd, to organise and deliver programmes that encourage businesses to grow.

Amrit brings a comprehensive set of service-orientated skills, and has honed her abilities by undertaking a range of proactive research, keeping a breadth of knowledge of the

various business support programmes which has entailed in a rounded business support approach and has created her own business support toolkit.

Amrit is a focused and dedicated individual with extensive experience in delivering effective projects and programmes that support innovation, business growth and skills development working with several stakeholders. Three decades of experience in the private, public, and voluntary sector of leading projects, new initiatives working to provide business support, business development services that successfully deliver informing strategic direction and delivery innovation, business growth, wealth-creation, and jobs. She has a people-centric nature and compassion that has always enabled her to reach out, build a personalised and professional rapport.

Amrit is a powerful force in the business support world and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed #getting things done!! She is inspired daily by her family. In her free time, she likes spend time with the grandchildren, family, and friends. Voluntary work has been a great way for her to reach out to organisations and individuals to support their cause, particularly in business support and the world of work.