Chloe Angus

Chloe Angus

Chloe is a confidence and leadership coach. With 15 years leadership experience in the corporate world, Chloe now focuses on helping leaders, company owners and freelancers to lead their businesses, and lives, confidently and in a way that reflects their innermost values.

Chloe’s coaching comes well recommended with client success stories including; promotions, 40% pay rises, managing emotional management to find personal leadership style, and building a business that gives a joyful work-life balance.

Chloe is an ILM level 7 qualified coaching with a coaching style that is:

  • Non Directive – you set the agenda and you absolutely have the capability to find the answers and take the actions with:
  • High support and high challenge, always taking the lead from you.
  • Solutions focused with an emphasis on action between sessions and beyond.
  • Client focused, using all coaching tools and techniques as well as body, mind and heart, with a strong connect to client’s communication styles (visual, kinaesthetic, story telling, metaphors etc)

To complement her coaching, Chloe also delivers training to organisations on leadership, collaboration and wellbeing.