We are delighted to announce that we have appointed our trusted associate, Deborah Goodall, as our new Associate Director here at CDI Alliance.

Deborah has already worked with us for 3 years, delivering insightful masterclasses and empowering consultancy that has helped small businesses flourish.

With her 25 years’ experience of growing businesses through effective marketing both as a consultant and within marketing departments, it is unsurprising that delegates on the business support programmes we’ve delivered have taken away much wisdom and practical advice.

Deborah knows what it takes to develop a start-up into an established SME. She has run her own marketing consultancy, Aer8 Marketing for 10 years and strengthened her reputation by becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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Joining our team officially from the 1st September, Deborah will nurture our new opportunities, help us secure new contracts and engage our growing Associate base. She will support the contracts we are already delivering across Lancashire, Yorkshire, The Humber and Lincolnshire.

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For local authorities, Deborah’s presence will mean the business support programmes we design effectively incorporate marketing as a vital part of any business growth strategy. By working closely with our associates, Deborah will also make sure the programmes draw on the extensive range of experiences and insights we have in our network. From logistics to HR and finance to export, programmes will be comprehensive and transformative.

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For SME delegates, Deborah stands as a relatable figure and trustworthy mentor who can guide business owners through the challenges of growth towards success. She has the power to energise leaders as well as put together workable plans that guarantee results.

Deborah will join our three directors, Stuart McFarlane-Bedford, Richard Lukey and Guy Lewis on our executive team.

Stuart says, “Deborah has worked with CDI Alliance as an Associate for 3 years and has delivered high quality work both as a consultant and a presenter of Workshops, Webinars and Interactive Masterclasses, and we have received excellent feedback from the businesses she has worked with”.

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We look forward to welcoming Deborah Goodall in September and hope you’ll join us in celebrating this positive addition to our team.