Overcoming barriers to growth

When starting your own business, apart from clarity on the product or service being provided, there are many areas of business that will be new and possibly appear daunting to the new business owner. At CDI we can provide the business owner with comprehensive advice around the general set up of a business, including legal status, VAT registration requirements, product development, market analysis, and the key steps that are required to get a business up and running. In addition CDI can assist in the development of longer term business strategies and corresponding short term action plans.

CDI work on several business support programmes and are in contact with business advisers located across many regions in the North of England. We can signpost businesses to sector specific programmes or programmes focused on the current business needs including access to finance, start-up and scale up programmes, which are all fully funded. We also have a network of specialist associates who can cover all aspects of business support through funded 1-2-1 sessions or 1-2- many interactive masterclasses.