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Training & Skills Development

Train and develop new skills

Coaching and mentoring is available to all as a professional

Whether to accommodate rapidly changing technologies in the office and at the coalface or to prepare an individual for a new role in the business, the need to train and develop new skills has never been greater. But with the skills agenda spawning a treasure trove of grant funding a plethora of providers of variable quality have emerged.

Directly, through our CDI Alliance associates or by calling on knowledge of what is being delivered by our local authority partners we are well placed to help you identify the most cost effective training and skills solutions out there.

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Range of training courses

Tapping in to the funding available through organisations such as Calderdale College, We deliver a range of training courses in-house. Subjects are as diverse as “Resilience and Motivational Mindset”, “Delegation Espresso”, “Building New Markets” and “Mapping the skills and resources essential to delivering the vision”.

But remember the best results from training don’t come from attending a stand-alone session. Instead agree each year a “training needs analysis” with each team member and a cocktail of complementary courses that address their needs. In that way you’ll assemble a team that is confident it has the skills needed to deliver for the business.

If the exact subject you require is not immediately available we may be able to construct a specialist course that would attract skills funding – always ask us.

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