In times of change be it in our personal lives, our work lives or the life of our country we all pass through the “Transition Curve” and the only difference between you and me is the rate at which we transit and the points at which we get stuck.

Initially we’re in denial, our emotions are out in the open and we talk about it – so give us information.

Then we go into resistance mode, we hide our feelings, we’re confused and angry but we still need support.

With time we transition into exploration – change isn’t going to go away so how can I make it work for me? My emotions are still hidden but I’m exploring the future so give me focus.

….And finally when I’ve rationalised everything my emotions become more out in the open and I have a feeling of hope, my energy is returning – so please encourage me.

Our country has never seen as much change as it is seeing right now, so if you can understand how people are coming to terms with it you can support them on their journey.

A few do’s and dont’s

  1. Denial
    •  Do give people time to adjust
    •  Do encourage questions and supply answers
    •  Don’t stop people expressing their reactions
    •  Don’t tell people that they are paid to do as they’re told
  2. Resistance
    •  Do listen and acknowledge feelings
    •  Do continue to emphasise that changes will happen
    •  Don’t tell them to pull themselves together
    •  Don’t leave people feeling unsupported
  3. Exploration
    •  Do plan sessions to explore new ways of working
    •  Do share information about “the plans”
    •  Don’t stifle ideas
    •  Don’t pretend to have all the answers
  4. Commitment
    •  Do give praise for progress and effort
    •  Do reinforce the focus and the goal
    •  Don’t believe that “it’s okay now”
    •  Don’t neglect to consider your own feelings

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